Making decisions.

Many decisions could be made. Or not.

You don’t have to decide what your next race will be. (You just will not do one if you don’t).

You don’t have to decide how much to offer on a home. You can stay where you are or find another place to rent.

You don’t have to decide what to invest in. You can keep your money in the bank.

You don’t have to decide who to name as guardians for your children if you die. Others can figure it out in the event that it’s necessary.

There may be less risk in not deciding. You will not hurt anyone’s feelings for not naming them. You will lose money or get taken advantage of.

But what are you missing out on? What are you putting others through?

Making a decision, any decision can bring clarity. If you make the decision and then feel uncomfortable about it, try a different one next time (or change it). If you make a decision and then stop thinking about it, it was probably a good decision.

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