A right-fit that is non-consensus (not yet the norm).

There is a theory in the world of start-up tech companies (which I learned here) that for a new product or service to do really well doesn’t just require that it be right for a given market, it also requires that people don’t actually want it yet. Andy Rachleff refers to the latter concept as ‘non-consensus’. He says that initially, about 4 our of 5 people shouldn’t want your product or service nor understand why they need it. If it ultimately ends up changing the culture and is something the masses will rally behind, this allows the founders the time to get things right without the market flooding.

Think of AirBnB. Letting a stranger stay in your home? That’s nuts. Why would you want that? This would have been the initial thought, but as we can see, as the culture changed, people got on board and it has now changed the nature of travel and property ownership.

If we focus on the founder, he or she has an unpopular idea. That person has confidence and perseverance to get it off the ground. That is no easy feat as we gravitate towards following and conformity, not risk and exertion.

What would happen if you trust your idea and act upon it? I don’t just mean a startup or side hustle. It could be how you train for triathlon. The gear you use. The nutrition you take in. It might be how you get your work done at your job. Or how you clean your house, or prepare your food.

Maybe you are onto something.

Maybe your idea is ‘right’ and ‘non-consensus’.

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