30 Weeks to Awesome.

I am hijacking my own blog (can I do that???) to tell you about the book that I just published. If you read my blog regularly, I allude occasionally to what I’m up to these days. To fill in the gaps, since June I have been filling my time with all sorts of different tasks including: writing this book, working with clients 1:1 as a health coach, educating myself and recently opening my doors for my own law practice – focusing on estate planning, and I work as an Administrative Law Judge about 10 hours per week. I love my new multi-passionate life (vs. my old no- or semi-passionate life working for someone else).

This book, 30 Weeks to Awesome: Your step-by-step guide to building healthy habits, highlights what I believe and how I work with clients as a health coach. I believe the best way to get healthier is to make small changes that are easy for you to make. These are the changes you will stick with, and over time will lead to major, lasting changes in your overall health. I also take a broad view of health. My health coaching business name is SCERF, which stands for Self-Care, Career, Exercise, Relationships, and Food. I think all of these aspects to health are interrelated and important to consider when viewing where you are now, and where you want to be. This book incorporates these principles, prompting you to focus on one small goal each week for thirty weeks.

The first 6 weeks of the book are available to you for free – just sign up here to receive your copy. (You will also sign up for other updates from SCERF, LLC. You can unsubscribe at any time.) The full book can be purchased at Amazon.com.

As a thank you for being one of the first readers, if you purchase the full book by January 1, 2020, I would like to invite you to join a group of like-minded individuals who will be working through all thirty weeks together beginning January 6, 2020. Find extra support and a place to ask questions as you build healthy habits one step at a time. To join, find the Facebook group ’30 Weeks to Awesome’ and request to join.

Thank you for reading my trilife.com blog, and thank you for letting me hijack for this special announcement.

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