Status. An invisible force underlying all of our human interactions.

I was struck recently as I realized the ease with which I interacted with another human. As a new business owner I generally feel shy and overwhelmed interacting with others in my business capacity because there is so much that I don’t know. The lack of knowledge and experience makes me abundantly aware that I’m the underdog.

At least that’s how I internalize my lack of experience.

The human I interacted with with ease is also just starting out in business- a different field but a field that is complimentary to my law practice. In other words, a good working relationship can be advantageous to us both, and our clients.

His newness put me at ease. I feel we are of equal status rather than him above me.

But what would happen if I always interacted in an easy, confident manner instead of as the underdog? that doesn’t mean I have to have overconfidence, just confidence in my current liability and my ability to learn and gain experience.

When we feel of lower status, we show up that way to others. Then they will treat us that way.

While status may be invisible, it is present, but we have some say and how we present ourselves and therefore how others see us and where they place us.

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