Using games for positive benefit.

I recently listened to this podcast about the benefits of playing games.

It turns out that playing Tetris for 10 minutes shortly after a traumatizing event can disrupt the brains pathways that lead to PTSD.


It has to do with the visual pathways getting disrupted.

And Candy Crush can help you lose weight by interrupting something in your brain leading to cravings.

Jane McGonigal shared other stories as well with powerful research to back up these ideas. Listen here for more.

It wasn’t just phone or video games, but also physical games such as tennis.

I fear games because when I play, I sometimes feel out of control and unable to walk away at anytime. Perhaps if I see the benefit I can find a happy medium. And certainly would now turn to Tetris if I experience a traumatizing event.

What are your thoughts on games? Have you seen positive effects in your own life.

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