Changing our minds.

Changing our opinions over time, as we age and mature, seems to be, from my current vantage point which is possibly a little over 1/3 through my own life, a natural occurrence. The facts to which we are exposed change over time, we morph, our vantage point changes, our goals and perspectives change.

This creates a conundrum. How can we act passionately for something, if we acknowledge that our minds and positions may change overtime? Why set our older self up for embarrassment if we shift our view in the future?

But if we never act passionately out of fear, what kind of life is that?

Why not celebrate the convictions we have today, and why not celebrate when they do change? If this is part of the growth (and aging) process, can we not acknowledge it and yet still live with strong convictions in the now? Maybe they are not even strong convictions, rather, maybe this means living with the opinion that is currently strongest, but at the least developing our own opinion on the issue.

This also means that the professor (ie one who professes, avows, or declares) should not hate those with another viewpoint, acknowledging that while their current view may be strong, it is possible that the growth process will lead to change; and the receiver should acknowledge the current wisdom of the professor even if they view things differently.

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