Bringing intention to changing seasons and our entry into 2020.

People often find it easier to establish new habits when there is a big change in their lives such as a move or a new job. Habits are often correlated with our environment for better or for worse. This is why many men in the military could use opiates when serving in Vietnam, and then return to the United States and easily quit their use of the addictive drug (read more on this here).

But I think we can also use a more subtle marker to change habits such as New Years. This is not just because it starts a new year, but there is something about the end of the holiday season that can have us ready for change. The time between Halloween and New Year’s Day is often filled with celebration, indulgence, extra spending, and often some vacation time. Most people, speaking at least for the United States, get out of their typical routine during this holiday season. The conclusion of the season, therefore, marks a time when most people are ready to ‘get back’ to a more normal routine. The fact that it is a new year helps to fuel this feeling as we often have an easier time reflecting on a calendar year vs. other yearly markers (or at least it may be as good a marker as any, though dates such as between birthdays, a fiscal year, or thinking seasonally such as summer to summer may also work).

We can capitalize on this feeling at the end of the holiday season to change and tweak our old habits in ways we desire.

Here are some different tools you might use, but most importantly, consider what works for you right now and in this moment?

Is this a good time for you to reflect on the decade as we turn the corner to a new one? Is it worthwhile to look back through this past year to figure out what you don’t want to schedule in 2020, and what you want more of? Or should you pick a theme for the coming year?

Personally, I am thinking a lot about tracking for the coming year. I want to make sure I am tracking metrics worth following in my two businesses so that I will be able to look back over 2020 (and each month) to gain valuable insight. I would love to know how many books I read this year – but do not want to take the effort to really think through it. Thus, I am planning to track books read in 2020 to provide an easier review at the end of the year. I am exploring other ways to keep track of lessons and tools in productive ways that are easy to implement and stay consistent on.

What are you excited to leave behind and do more of in 2020?

And, I would be remiss if I did not also mention that if you are looking for a health boost in 2020, my book and the corresponding Facebook Group for support may be a great goal for you. This is for people who want to make healthy changes that are simple to make, but that add up over time. And for those who want to start looking at health broadly. It’s not just calories in, calories out. It’s your whole life – fulfillment, joy, relationships, movement, career, and also food.

Find out more, including how to purchase the book and join a group of like-minded individuals who will start going through it together on January 6, 2020, HERE.

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