Weather reflections.

Someone recently posed this question: Does the 60 degree difference between 30 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit feel fundamentally different than the difference between 30 degrees and -30 degrees Fahrenheit? Or, once you are cold are you just cold and the level doesn’t matter that much?

I have been pondering this question over some particularly cold weather (not -30, though I have experienced such temps living in northern Alaska). I offer these observations:

  • 9 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 mph wind feels incredibly different than 12 degrees and calm. It’s the difference between walking the dogs a block, bundled in nearly all layers except ski goggles, and being ready to return – and walking the dogs on a leisurely walk getting only mildy cold.
  • Runs in the cold and wind add fun adventure.
  • Once I am chilled, the temperature really doesn’t matter until I get truly, deeply warmed up. I can even feel hot, until I am truly warmed I will not stay that way. A hot shower can result in the truly warming.
  • When really warm, which seems to be only upon waking in the morning, I can handle a lot of cold without caring about it. My internal temperature can stay warm for quite sometime.
  • 30 degrees Fahrenheit and snow is absolutely lovely, and far warmer than 36 degrees and pouring rain. Also, did I mention how much prettier it is than pouring rain?

What are your thoughts on temp differentials?

2 thoughts on “Weather reflections.

  1. I like a cold shower, step out and your so warm instantly, step out of a hot shower and I’m freezing, I’m doing the Wim Hof method, he’s the ice man, a good one to look up regarding cold and breathing techniques, all the best, keep breathing and chill 😊👍❤


    1. Awesome! I have heard of him and people talking about his method but haven’t learned about it in detail. I occasionally flirt with cold showers but remain a wuss most of the time.


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