Starting each workday with 15 minutes of enriching reading.

On this podcast episode (of Happier with Gretchen Rubin), I was introduced to a concept of beginning each workday (before turning on a computer or anything else) with reading a book for 15 minutes. Some book tied to self-development, which could realistically be construed to cover almost anything.

The move seems to be coming from this Certified Public Accountants group, but what an amazing idea for employers to support or for those of us with flexibility to take advantage of! In my quest to read more, I have set aside 30 minutes a few times a week for growth reading (specific nonfiction books), but it feels difficult to take the time mid-week. Somehow just 15 minutes seems far more manageable, but it will clearly add up to substantial reading.

“[T]he First 15 reading program has the potential to improve office morale, foster a culture that embraces lifelong learning, and improve firm production and revenue!”


Let me know if you convince your employer to try this or if you try it out on your own! I am making a point to give this a shot. So far I forgot on my first day, but remembered and took the time mid-morning.

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