Tech hack: email tracking

I just learned that if you put +addsomethinghere before the @ symbol in an email address, it will still go to your inbox.

(I heard about this and other useful tips on this podcast interview with Noah Kagan).

Why would you care?

If you give your email address away, you could track whether the company sells your email address. Or if you no longer want to receive their emails, you can easily set up a rule to send it where you don’t see it.

It could also allow you to track messages you receive for a certain purpose.

For example, I’m going to run this experiment. I am going to start a newsletter that ties my different passions together. It will focus on health, family wealth, and adventure (triathlon will fit into this latter portion).

If you are interested in this newsletter, and if you read these blogs you probably will be, email me at Because of the email address I will know why you are emailing and will sign you up.

Maybe I’m overly excited, or maybe this will change my life – and yours too.

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