Maybe it’s you.

If you find yourself blaming other people for the condition you are in, it might be worth looking inward.

Sure there are groups of people that are treated poorly. But I’m not talking about big picture system issues. I’m talking about you. As a single individual. If you think the world is treating you as an individual unfairly, it is possible that it’s your own actions.

What you are doing that makes you complicit in the situation you are in? What can you do to change the situation? Maybe you can’t even see the end, or envision how you want the circumstances to be different, but what’s one small step you can do today to move in the right direction?

*Maybe It’s You is also the name of a book. The book was not the inspiration for this post, but I have listened to it and it provided a useful exercise by way of a framework for living our lives.

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