Choosing the same seat every day for class.

I walked into the room for my cycling class and put my stuff on the bike that I usually use. Then I went over to the fitness room that would take a weight lifting class right after the cycling class and I set up my bench in the same spot that I usually set up.

When we were little, even after we stopped being assigned seats, we sit in the same place day after day. This usually lasts into adulthood. I’m not the only one that has ‘my bike’ or ‘my spot’.

Do we do this purely for the comfort of the familiar? Should we push ourselves to sit somewhere else to get out of our comfort zone?

Initially I thought I would gravitate towards this answer. But maybe we do it for another good reason? We have a lot of decisions to make every single day. It is exhausting. Decisionmaking fatigue is real. Why waste energy if decisions are not really important? By sitting in the same place each day, it is one less decision we have to make today.

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