Staying healthy.

What do you do to stay healthy?

This question was posed to a group of people. Many refered to common practices such as eating well, exercising, taking vitamin C when you have something coming on, etc. All good things!

But others talked about the essence of how they live their lives. Stress is harmful to our health, and we can choose to live a life that has less stress. That doesn’t mean that bad things won’t happen. Your life will have stressors. But you have control over the chronic day to day a stress.

To reduce stress you can change the activities in your life. You can make sure that you get enough sleep, and that your self care needs are met. Regular exercise and eating well also help reduce stress. But it’s also how you view the activities that you engage with every day. I know that I can have a busy day that feels frantic, but I can also have a busy day that I go from one task to the next focused entirely on that task at hand and knowing the plan for the day ahead. The difference is largely my mindset and how I choose to view the busy day.

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