Travel update.

In our current time, with COVID-19 on people’s minds, I am simply sharing my observations today. Living in Juneau, we feel sometimes fairly cut-off from the rest of the world.

Made a two flight trip on March 5, 2020. Same trip I have made a few times in the last couple of months, and the flights were far emptier.

Flight attendants remained extremely friendly and unperturbed – though the airline has made a number of changes such as not doing an offering of water before the full service (I presume to limit contact a slight bit more).

We are finding an abundance of hand sanitizer all around. Though other places appear to not be making any changes.

We rode one elevator, there were about five of us, and someone remarked about ‘the weird time right now’. Which nicely lightened the conversation for us all to remark on the feeling that we shouldn’t be inhaling or touching anyone.

An interesting time. I know we all have different views and different sources for information, but a little observation from ‘out and about’ never hurts.

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