A special place for running.

I set out for my morning run. I could go left for a shorter loop, but instead I turn right, extending my run by a couple of miles. I start out chilly, but before long I’m down to my tank top and happy to be taking in my coastal surroundings with the feel of sun on my face.

I pick up the pace and enjoy pushing for my 2 minutes of running before a 30 second walk break, and then back to running. Fast, slow, fast, slow.

I run much further in this place than I would at home when not following a specific training schedule. It is more enjoyable and I feel almost that I could go on forever. Indeed, later in the afternoon, if I have time I set out for a walk to last as many hours as I have.

I live in a lovely spot though the weather is often less desirable. Do I lengthen my runs because I’m away from home and have more time? Or is it the location that truly changes things? If I lived in a different spot, would I run more? Or would my days be filled so that I have the time pressure I feel at home? Would I stop enjoying the place as special because it’s home?

Running is a special freedom, but our surroundings also matter.

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