Wearing a face mask.

I was a little late to don a face mask in my community. Most people beat me to it. My initial excuse: I do not sew and I don’t have another connection to get one.

Out of shame, I got to work and found a way to make one out of a t-shirt. It took maybe 4 minutes and I could use a shirt from the rags pile. (Here is the link, from the CDC, and it is SUPER easy – I used the t-shirt method on the last page).

And yes, it is bigger than it needs to be. But it covers and stays up, and I can perfect as time goes on.

What I noticed when making it, and then trying it on: it probably wasn’t the laziness or the sewing that was getting in my way. Donning my face mask was a new level of sadness, or grief, or fear.

For some reason it all rose to a new level and that feeling was a pit in my stomach.

It’s sad. It isn’t easy. I would rather cry. But, if it will help protect my fellow shoppers should I unknowingly be spreading COVID-19, then I will wear it. It’s the right thing to do.

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