Costco April 2020: Shop Report.

The day before, I busied myself making sure that my list was complete.

Coffee, check. Eggs, check. Dog food, check. And much, much more. I had been preparing for this event all week.

On shop morning, I set my alarm for my usual time: 4:30am. Normally on shop day, I would get up right away, nervous to get going. But something held me in bed this morning. I didn’t feel the urgency, and didn’t pull myself out of the sheets and into the cold until 5:15am.

I dressed in my usual daily attire: fleece pants and sweatshirt, grabbed my toothbrush and headed downstairs. While my lab, Murray, went outside I began making coffee using my french press. After the dogs were fed and I spent about 30 minutes staring into the abyss while drinking coffee and meditating for about 5 minutes instead of the 17 I’m supposed to, I started my morning workout routine. On this shop day, I did a shoulder mobility routine, an upper body workout, and then an ab workout. I was spent. Maybe it was anticipation. Maybe it was my horrible headache. Regardless, I didn’t fully finish the strength program, rode on the bike for 30 minutes easy, and then it was off to the shower.

After breakfast, I started on my to-do list. I had a meeting at 10am, and then it was time for the first dog walk of the day. I returned to my desk, hard at work, ensuring that I did what I needed so that I could spend the afternoon doing the big shop run.

I had one more meeting at 1:30pm. This was my big meeting of the day. It was very important, but went well. I maintained my composure and didn’t let on that it was shopping day once we were done.

But at about 2:30pm, the time had come. I was ready for my store run.

The dogs were thrilled that I was finally leaving the house. That meant they got a treat! Something that used to happen multiple times per day and now only happens on store day.

I brought the bags and the list and headed out.

The store was Costco. The parking lot was nearly empty! Harrah! I guessed my timing well. I retrieved a disinfected cart and headed in.

The store was very well stocked on this store run! Hit or miss these days, but maybe the bare shelves are a thing of the past. Unless supply chains dry up or something else happens…but for now we can enjoy the bounty.

I immediately noticed that nearly everyone had a face mask on. I did not. Yikes. I was embarrassed. I hadn’t yet obtained a face mask.

As usual, I made my rounds counter-clockwise. Shampoo, a multi-vitamin, and then I was onto the produce. Potatoes, bananas, and a melon! All in stock. No spring mix, so I settled on romaine, and a host of other vegetables. Too many? Hopefully not, but my work is cut out for me.

Then, moving on, chicken breast was back in stock. Will go great with some curry mixes at home. I continued to move around, getting the usual items. Unfortunately, oats were out, but not a big deal. The beans are also still not back in stock, but I had plenty of food to hold me over until the next shop.

As I neared check-out, there I was, staring at the Kirkland bag of tortilla chips. Should I get them? I looked in my cart. Do I have enough ‘cheat’ food to hold me over? Hmmmm… I hadn’t bought any abnormal food except for bread. Hmmm… I thought awhile longer. Chips. No chips. Chips. No chips. In the end the chips won. I am maintaining a high veggie load, but my shops have definitely contained some other items rarely obtained.

Chips in cart, it was off to checkout. I felt bad again for not having a face mask, as the checkers get closer than anyone. But what could I do? This shop day I was mask-less. I checked out quickly, loaded up the cart, and off I was. Receipt checked as I walked out, and back into the fresh air.

I loaded up the car and headed home. The shop was completed, but I still had to put it away.

I unloaded the car into the house, washed my hands, and put items away. Then I washed my hands again. And the shop was complete at that point.

It was time for dog walk number 2, and a lazy evening. I crashed well that night as I crawled into bed at 8:30pm. Shop day over, satisfied, and exhausted. I will not shop again for at least a week…time to get cooking.

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