Talking to others to gain clarity.

It may be a good time to reach out to counselors, coaches, or an acquaintance, to create a formal relationship to help you get clear on what your goals are.

While I shared recently some ideas about deepening connections with our close family and friends, sometimes there is immense value in getting clarity by talking to others outside of that group. And finding those people now will take effort on your part, given the decrease in chit chat at the office, the bar, etc.

If we have really big goals, those in our immediate circle may get in the way more than pushing us forward. This will (most likely) be out of love, but out of fear about big changes that you want to make.

There is also something that happens, that can move us forward in amazing ways, when we either pay someone for formal assistance, or create a structured relationship where you help eachother move forward on goals and thinking.

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