What do you wear when day upon day is spent inside your home?

As many of us now conduct our lives inside our own homes, it is an interesting time to consider what “looking nice” means to us.

I have heard of people spending their days in sweatpants or even pajamas. There is actually a story floating around, whether true or not, about attorneys calling into video conference (with judges) while still in bed.

On the other hand, I have heard of people dressing up for special dinners or other events even though they are not seeing other people outside of their own families and homes.

We might wear “real clothes” just to fit in with the outside community, or do we wear “real clothes” because we feel different when we do and we like that feeling? Do you wear makeup without a zoom call or enjoy not wearing it?

I wonder if we also might learn something about our body image during this time? Could we develop a better peace with our bodies when it is just us? Perhaps we can enjoy movement just for how we feel and not the sense of how we look? Or enjoy how we look because of our own internal metric rather than external?

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