My favorite cookbooks and a few recipes.

My favorite cookbooks and a few recipes. I think home cooking is good for the soul and we can learn more as we stay at home in light of the Coronavirus.

Given that many of us are spending more time at home these days, I thought I would share my favorite cookbooks and a few recipes. I think home cooking is good for the soul. It is also good financially, and generally much healthier. I know it comes easier to some than others, but as you are forced to cook at home, it’s a great opportunity to learn and experiment. 

I rarely cook from a recipe, but when I do, I learn new techniques that I can incorporate when I am working off the cuff, and it helps me get out of my ruts. 

Here are some recipes I created for clients. Let me know if you try them and what you think.

Awesome Salads

Smoothie Recipe

Pork Tenderloin with roasted vegetables

My favorite cookbooks:

  1. All of the cookbooks by the Junior League of Denver, such as the Colorado Collage. These cookbooks are a family tradition. We inherited my grandmother in-law’s copy of Colorado Collage, with all of her cooking notes and my husband and I working through our own copy to make every recipe with our own notes. Clearly these have sentimental value to us, but I think they are good solid cookbooks and I do not hesitate recommending them to you. 
  2. Run Fast, Eat Slow by Sharlene Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky & The Feed Zone Cookbook by Thomas Biju and Lim Allen. I am lumping these in together because they are both marketed to athletes. However, don’t be intimidated if you do not consider yourself an ‘athlete’. First, that’s just a mental construct. Second, both cookbooks offer tasty recipes made with mostly nutritious ingredients. I think they are both really good at teaching people new techniques to make meals with real, whole-food ingredients. (And if you are already a fan of Run Fast, Eat Slow, the authors came out with a new version called Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow. I haven’t tried it yet).
  3. Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat. I first fell in love with Samin Nosrat on this podcast. She is just a hoot! I have only used her cookbook twice – both times to braise meat. The first time I read a general section to create my own stew with her guidance. The second time I followed a recipe. Both turned out excellent. I am excited to try more, but feel confident in recommending this even though it is fairly new to me. She knows what she is talking about, and I like how she educates readers on technique along with providing tasty recipes. She also has a Netflix series by the same name as the book. I have not watched it, but have heard great things. 
  4. How to Grill by Steven Raichlen. This was gifted by my father-in-law and it’s excellent. To be transparent, my husband does all the grilling in our household. He has made a number of recipes from this book and they have been amazing. My favorites are Garlic Halibut on page 298 and Bourbon-Brined Pork Chops on page 129.
  5. Flourless by Nicole Spiridakis. There are some great recipes in this cookbook for gluten-free sweet treats that will delight the gluten-free eaters along with gluten lovers. I bake with low to no sugar, but some recipes (such as Banana-Coconut Cookies on page 95) do not have any added-sugar. Others are easily modified by removing or reducing the sugar that recipes call for.

I hope this will inspire some new ideas. Let me know if you try these and what you think, and what your favorite cookbooks and recipes are!

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