Boredom, behavior change, and mortgage forbearance.

It’s mix & match day to share some interesting tidbits that don’t quite fit into a single post.

First, a blog post by Seth Godin about boredom. I have attempted to share similar sentiments, but he of course shares them much more gracefully. It is an empowering read if you or anyone in your household is going stir crazy and feeling ‘bored’ or perhaps just wanting to feel more productive/challenged day-to-day.

And another from Seth about…I’m not sure what but I would say behavior change and why we act. (Hint: self-interest). I am drawn to this post as a marketer of my services, and would recommend it for others selling, but anyone may find it a worthwhile read.

Finally, a warning if you are struggling to pay your mortgage. The CARES Act allows for a forbearance up to a year on federally-backed loans, however, lenders can require it all to be paid at the end of the forbearance period in one lump sum. This worries me. [I cannot apparently link to my post, but you can find it on my Facebook page here].

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