Looking on the bright side.

Benefit #56 of this crazy life Covid life shift: I’ve decided that it is perfectly acceptable to walk to my office in the middle of the day. It’s a little over three miles each way.

Not to get work done, but simply to check the mail and water the plants. Essential, yes. Quicker forms of transportation? Most definitely – but not more delightful ones when the weather is nice.

I am very much of a ‘rules’ type of person and even though I work for myself now, I have a voice in my head that tells me things like “walking across town in the middle of the day is not something you are allowed to do because it’s work hours and….” all sorts of weird things follow.

It took this shake up to get out of my head, which is ultimately better. Plus, despite a lazy 2.5 hour walk in the middle of the day, I was still crazy productive!

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