Thoughts on risk, COVID-19, guilt, and re-opening Alaska.

My town is secluded. We are only accessible by plane or boat, and since the ferries are not operating much at the moment (if at all), it’s just plane.

We haven’t had a new positive test for Coronavirus in a couple of weeks. As of May 2, 2020, we have had 27 confirmed cases in town total. Out of over 30,000 people.

Our state implemented stay-at-home orders, business shut downs, closed schools, etc very early before there were hardly any positive cases in Alaska. Now the state is slowly opening back up with strict measures in place for businesses that are allowed to re-open.

I am noticing an interesting internal mind game. It is probably as safe for me now to get close to people as it was in early March before the shut downs happened. Yet, the idea of starting to do anything differently than I have over the last month feels not just odd, but I harbor a sense of guilt at the prospect. I feel guilty because other people in other communities in the USA can and should not – so how can I? Why can I? How is that fair? And why do I feel that way about other people in this country in a way that I don’t about people unconnected through citizenship?

No answers. Just thoughts. I am not quite ready to change this way of life, but realize that on a safety level, it is probably about time.

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