Make your bed.

I’ve heard from a number of people that suggest making your bed is a good way to start your day. A simple accomplishment that makes your outer world look just a little better, even if you will not to return to your bedroom until evening.

Why can these little wins provide some meaning to our lives?

I think it sends a signal to ourselves about who we are. We don’t leave a mess, rather we take a moment to provide care to our surroundings.

I have an AirBnb rental and a recent tenant, a solo female, left a paper bag filled with cans. On it, she wrote “recycling”. Now, she probably could have tracked for herself that it was the recycling.

Perhaps she felt the desire to label it to provide a little bit of order in the midst of a chaotic world that was requiring her to spend 2 weeks hiding out alone in a rental apartment in her hometown because she traveled out of state and the town has a 2-week quarantine requirement.

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