To do or to outsource.

As I write this, email is currently not getting through to my work email for my law practice.

I spent my morning playing around with domains trying to get something to work properly and managed to screw up my email in the process!

The advantage of doing things ourselves is that we get a deeper understanding of how things work, how they are interconnected, and of course you have more control.

The disadvantage is that when things go wrong, you have no one to turn to to ask them to fix it. And there is definitely no one to blame (though I’m doing pretty well at blaming Google at the moment, but they do not have anyone for me to contact to confirm or deny my suspicions).

Whether you are building a business, or simply running your own life with a job providing the income, there are many choices along the way about what and how to do things; and the how can include hiring someone. Each of us will come to a different conclusion. When I was young, I used to think it was horrible that people hired others to clean for them. Can’t we all clean our own houses? But now I realize that this is a great use of resources. It keeps money flowing in the economy, someone gets a clean house and they are happy to pay for it, and someone else gets the money for work they are happy to do.

Yet, we each want to maintain control in some areas of our lives and not others.

I could pay someone to handle my website, but at this point in my career, I have no interest in that. I want the control which allows me to change what I want, when I want to. It also means that I have to drop everything and figure out how to fix a tech problem when it arises and I am the cause of it.

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