Learning how to think not what to think.

I used to poke a bit of fun at law schools for teaching logical thinking rather than focusing on how to actually practice law or be a lawyer. I loved law school, and saw it’s value, but also thought it odd that graduates are not be prepared to practice a certain area of law.

The thing is: the law changes, and there are so many areas of practice and attorneys often practice in many areas throughout their career.

So what better service can the education piece be than teaching the basic skills for attorneys to use to then learn what they need to actually do the work?

Law school teaches legal history, landmark cases, and how to think like a lawyer.

As I listen and learn from diverse voices in this time, I don’t have many answers however, I cannot help but think that my outlook would be better if everyone were taught how to think rather than what to think.

Critical thinking skills are more valuable to all of us than being able to name the capital city in all 50 states.

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