Finding your right role.

What is your ideal role at this point in time in your life?

Some people do best supporting others with clear direction. Others are better big picture thinkers. And others would rather do the nitty-gritty and not work so much with other people.

Your best role may change throughout the period of your life. It may have to do with the skills you have developed so far, or external sources such as wanting security through a certain job or a flexible schedule for child or elder care.

First identifying your ideal role and looking within that will make you happier at work. Even within your current job you may be able to modify to fit you best.

This, of course, takes self-awareness. You also may be required to do something you are less proficient at during periods within your right role. Yet, I think, as the economy changes there will be more and more opportunities to find your niche and get hired by the right people.

As a small example in my own life, I’m discovering that I love the big picture but fight to make myself sit down and do certain longer-term tasks. These are important and I will get them done, but I have to be aware that I’m going to constantly fight against myself to try and push them off. On the other end of the spectrum, I have found an attorney in another state who has found her own niche doing very small high detail work. I, and many other attorneys, hire her to help with a very discreet task that allows her to tap into her detail-oriented work that she would rather do. I want maximum variety, but she is clearly very happy having found her niche. I am happy to have her and she is happy to have me.

What will your niche be? And what is your right role now?

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