Who can you help simply by telling them what you see?

We cannot achieve our objectives without working hard ourselves.

And yet, we will not achieve in a vacuum, without support.

The story of the child who’s teacher saw and fostered a skill or desire; the adult who now recognizes that without that teacher she never would have followed her passion.

The parent who encouraged his child’s interest in reading, always ensuring a budget for books even though the family’s budget for most else was extremely sparse.

The boss who picked him for a job recognizing his potential.

The coaches who help so many successful people from the background with self-development, offering an outsiders perspective that we cannot see from within us.

We can do a lot in today’s world on our own, without waiting to be picked for the job, the play, or to write a book. But it helps to be seen, and we can all make a difference by ensuring that we point out to others when we can see their promise that they may not be able to recognize.

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