What doesn’t get created because we don’t believe in ourselves?

We finally watched Hamilton.

It is amazing and I’m struggling to work when I could be listening to the soundtrack.

However, here’s what really gets me.

While there is a lot of art around us, I am struck by the feat of this production created by Lin-Manuel Miranda. To put the words to music in such a fashion is a feat of brilliance that is incomprehensible to me. How could someone bring the words and music together in such a way? Who could possibly create such a work of art?

But someone did it. Someone had the courage and confidence to set out and create Hamilton.

And yes, I can’t even imagine the amount of dedicated time that also went into the production. But he had to believe in himself AND do the work.

How many people might be able to create something amazing, yet do not even get started because they do not believe in their ability to do something so wonderful?

Are there dreams that don’t even get dreamt because we don’t see the possibility?

What might you allow yourself to dream? What could you create if you knocked down the barriers AND got to work…and work…and work?

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