You are worth something better.

Do you ever worry about being too happy? Do you not want to enjoy it because you’re just waiting for things to turn around and go wrong again?

I do this all the time.

There is a concept I’ve heard in a variety of different contexts that basically suggests that we are only comfortable with so much good. Once we surpassed that threshold we do something to sabotage our own good fortune.

It is often difficult to recognize when we reach that threshold and what we do to sabotage. We may do something against our own best interests in a completely different area of life.

But I suppose in those moments when we wait for something to go worse it is probably a pretty good sign that we are facing that limit.

To expand that limit we need to convince ourselves that we are ready for something better. That might be more friendships, or a better love relationship, it could mean a promotion, more financial wealth, or simply more happiness finding a better fit in what we are doing day to day.

It is not easy to convince ourselves that we are worth it but making a conscious effort is a good place to start.

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