What level of commitment do you need now?

I’ve heard from a number of people who have started their own businesses who feel that they became successful only because, or when, they shut the other doors. Whether in actuality or just mentally, they made sure there was no other option, no plan B.

In other words, they did not start their business thinking: well, if this fails I will get a job somewhere else.

But I have also heard from many others who started their business as a side hustle and believe that was the only option that would have led to their success.

So, are different people meant to start businesses in different ways? Or is it simply that these are the people that we’re going to start a successful business and now they can look back and decide the way they did it is the way it should be done?

I think it is a mix of both. However, one of the most important factors is surely one’s willingness to keep moving forward despite failure and setback. In other words, the dedication to the goal is most important.

This applies to any goal we have so what kind of person are you?

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