Season of sacrifice.

Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft talk often on their podcast Happier about a ‘season of sacrifice’. As a tv writer, Elizabeth’s work is very seasonal. Not in a traditional way, but there are times when she is working insane hours on a project, and then times that are much slower. She has found it helpful to remember that the intense work periods are just that, shorter periods that will end. This makes it easier to let go of perfection. The house might not be as clean, other side projects (like scheduling appointments and other important adulting tasks) might not get done, but instead of feeling guilty, she can recognize that it’s not the time for those things.

I write this in July 2020, in the fourth month of coronavirus lockdowns. I found myself wallowing in self-pity this week. (Oh, the misery of being stuck in one of the most beautiful places on earth with relatively few people building a business and career I love…) Then I had this momentary glimpse of the bigger picture in time. I thought about other global pandemics in history, ones that I didn’t live to, but ones I have heard stories about. I realized that while this isn’t the 2 week or 2 month shut down that I naively thought it might be, in big-picture time this isn’t long at all, AND in big-picture time this is something that happens, and people (many anyway) live through it.

While not a season with an endpoint, perhaps it helps to put things in perspective. Maybe let some things go now (the should’s), and think about this as our global season of sacrifice. Also, it is probably a good time to see what we can do for others to get further away from our own self pity (if I’m not the only one).

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