Choosing others.

How do we choose the people we work with?

What comes into play both consciously and unconsciously?

When are you comfortable with your decision? And will you turn to someone else if you decide you don’t like your chosen person?

Apparently, when people hire a coach, understanding the process is more important than the coaches credentials.

In other words, we prefer to know what will happen, perhaps to visualize the experience – we want to understand our experience more than we care about the other person. What’s in it for us? What will you give me?

When choosing a primary physician, most people likely also want someone they work well with. However, if you need brain surgery, I bet you are looking more closely at credentials. Do you really want to find out that it’s her first brain surgery ever just before you go under?

Probably we don’t really know why we choose. We probably tell ourselves reasons that aren’t the real reasons. As long as you are happy that’s fine, if you don’t like your service provider, it’s your right to switch.

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