Who is your service for?

I recently reached out to an accounting firm to inquire about assistance with my taxes.

They treated me well, but I didn’t feel like they wanted my service.

At first I thought poorly of them. Surely they must want my service and just don’t know how to show it, right?

Then I talked with a friend, another service provider, about the clients who we want to work with. We are particular – we have a specific service and it’s simply not for everybody. Not even for most people.

And I realized that this accounting firm probably really doesn’t want my service – and that’s okay. They are clearly willing to work with me, but I don’t fit their ideal client. I would likely be a burden on them, and may continue to feel not entirely welcome. I will do both of us a favor by finding someone else who I do fit well with. Which, again, is okay.

As service providers, we serve everyone well by being clear if we think someone is a bad fit for working with us.

As customers, it isn’t our job to please a provider. If it doesn’t feel like a good fit, it’s okay to find someone or something else that works for you. A good service provider will honor, respect, and even help you make that decision.

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