The pleasure of being human and making good decisions.

I was working with my business coach recently and told her I was really hung up on my “why” of my estate planning practice.

Simon Sinek, among others, talk about how important it is to know and to convey your why of a business. My concern that my ‘why’, at least that I could come up with, was so selfish. I didn’t like my job. I wanted to run my own business. I left my job to start my own business and find a business and life I love, and now I freaking love running my own business. Yes, I love helping people, I adore my clients and strive for great customer service, but I chose this work because I love it, not because of something external. I didn’t choose estate planning because I felt it was more noble than personal injury. In fact, there is a huge need for other types of attorneys in town – and I do NOT want to be that type of attorney (family law, for example, where I could help people for sure but be sucked up and eaten alive in the process).

I wasn’t sure if I should have an external why and what that would be, but I wanted to explore what it could be.

In this discussion with my coach, among other great insights (she is amazing and I highly recommend everyone have a coach, or therapist, or very possibly both as they have different roles) – she said that I “help people drop into the pleasure of being human and make good decisions.”

Bam. Mic drop. (I’m not cool enough to say that but I don’t know what else would fit here).

Now, yes, I’m honored that she would say that and I’m definitely tooting my own horn a bit here. But how cool of a statement is this – a realization that life can be great, but sometimes it takes doing hard things and making tough decisions to step into our greatest life.

If I can step even further into a role of helping others live a pleasurable human existence while they do hard things (healthy living, estate planning), I’m all for it. Here I come!

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