How to change work, Part 1.

Part of my failure as an employee is that I couldn’t stand the rigidity of the disconnect between being at work for a set period of time each day and when and how I can actually get work done.

In theory I was salaried. What that meant is that when I had to work far more than the minimum hours, I didn’t get paid anymore for it (when at a conference or in trial for example). Yet, when my workload was light, I still had to work the minimum hours.

Want to work a few extra hours one day to have the flexibility to work less the next day, arranging for an appointment etc – nope.

I even had the best boss with relative flexibility, but it was still fairly rigid.

Now, as I get ready to be a boss, of my own company with the ability to change things, I find myself pondering how to create a better system. It’s really challenging from this side of the table!

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