How to change work, Part 2.

This is the second in a series in which I share my musing about how to change the culture of work now that I’m a boss.

One consideration when hiring people is to consider their pay for a set number of hours per week, but to allow for lots of flexibility. In other words, not to dock pay when they need to pick up a kid or take time off for a doctor’s appointment.

But I have experienced this as an employee, and it SUCKED.

I worked for a company that paid a salary, wrote on paper that you had basically no paid time off, but regularly allowed employees to take leave and get paid for it.

This meant that employees didn’t know what the expectations were, and the ‘policy’ was not the same for all employees. Thus, the employee with young children might regularly take days off to be with a sick kid and still get paid for it, while a younger childless person showed up regularly and got paid for the same number of days.

I traveled a lot and may have received more paid leave than anyone. I still despised the ‘policy’ or lack thereof.

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