Decision making.

When there is too much information or we have too many choices, we often make no decision at all. This is of course a decision in and of itself, but it doesn’t feel like it and is often easiest, while also often being the worst.

I read recently that employees offered many options to invest their retirement are less likely to invest at all over those given fewer options.

In my law practice, clients must make many decisions. For some, this is quite easy, but for others it is extremely challenging. When someone is struggling to make a decision I often suggest that they choose something, anything, but to tell me their decision. Then I say, if you keep mulling over that decision then it is probably the wrong one. But if you don’t think about it after you leave this office, then it is probably a fine decision to make.

Of course in that instance, after that initial decision they will have time to change their decision. But of course at some point there can be no changes.

This does not work in all situations but perhaps it is an idea to play with in your next big decision.

And perhaps it also helps to ask yourself if not making a decision is the worst decision that you can make.

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