Doing your own website.

You are working with a computer software program from a large company.

Something goes wrong.

Or you want to learn how to do something, but can’t find it in the help feature and do not even know how to begin searching to find the answer to your question.

You really want to talk to a person!


There is no way this company will allow you to get personalized help without at least 3 days waiting on the phone.


Well…not with WordPress.

I am not tech savvy. About 6 years ago, I inherited a website on Weebly and this was my first experience attempting to do anything with website creation. I could figure out some basic features for a very basic, not-so-functional website.

About 3 years ago, I wanted to create a website for my first business. I chose WordPress to host it (or maybe as the platform, I’m not even sure of the right word to use here), and proceeded to design a website using their free platform. I found it much more intuitive than Weebly!

I now run 5 different websites using WordPress ranging from free to not free.

It has not always been smooth sailing. There are plenty of times I get frustrated and cannot figure things out.

But, when I have been in a bind, I have accessed their chat feature and someone has been on the other side of the chat immediately. They have walked me through complex problems. They have provided excellent customer service. I have really been amazed.

Most recently, a website that I am not using much anymore auto-renewed. I think this is the only site for which I paid for the ‘business’ plan so that I could use plugins (which I don’t think I ever actually used, but I had to upgrade to use a feature that I thought I wanted…the cost of do-it-yourself learning). I’m not actually doing much in the business these days, so when I saw $500 on my credit card that should have been $0, it got my attention. (That was for two years of hosting, fyi).

It got my attention…but then I sat on it for awhile. I planned to revert to a free plan, but took my time in asking to do so, figuring that they would be able to simply refund the unused portion.

When I reached out in the chat to cancel, I learned that you have just 30 days to cancel. And I was past that.

However, the customer service agent refunded anyway. AND, the best part, to make the change, they have to revert the site to an older version of the site. But that would mean losing tons of content. Instead, the agent was able to migrate older content for me. I don’t even know what this means, but I was grateful not to lose it all and to save the money!

I suppose that big companies simply don’t have to provide good customer service.

But it sure is nice when they do! And I like to think that ultimately it’s a better business model. Perhaps you will read this and finally go start that website you have been thinking about! On WordPress of course!

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