Heart vs. ladder.

Sometimes when life is going really well, we have opportunities offered to us to go a different path. To fit another person’s idea of success.

Maybe you are doing well at your job. You love your job. Perhaps you view something else in the future, let’s say opportunity X. But for now, you are good with Y.

Then they offer you position A. Position A is a management position, and it is an honor to be asked.

You may be tempted, pulled, you may even say yes, of course that is the thing to do.

But your heart is still with X. You take Position A. Then you move on from there and climb the ladder you think is success. Then you burn out and realize X is still where your heart is. But now you are so burnt out, and your heart is tired, and maybe it just needs a complete rest and cannot even rally to do X.

Following our own intuition rather than the opportunities offered to us is beyond difficult. Easier for some, and maybe easier over time for us all.

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