Anxiety over the unknown.

We are getting ready to travel on a commercial airline for the first time since March. I used to travel regularly, but now I find myself filled with apprehension. I have never worn a mask for more than an hour – what will it be like to wear one all day? (I know I am fortunate as many must mask up all day everyday at work, and thank you to those of you in those important jobs). What will we face going through airports and on planes? Will it be odd to see others and their precautions, all huddled under protective layers? Will people act differently because of the stress they face traveling? 

It is natural to fear the unknown.

It is also a reason that some people put off meeting with an attorney to discuss what will happen at death or incapacity. Or finding an accountant or financial advisor. What will that first meeting look like? How do you work with a new type of ‘expert’ to help advise you in an area of your life? 

I had a lovely two-hour meeting with a new client recently. At the end of the call she told me that she had been really nervous for our meeting, but that she didn’t feel nervous at all during the call and expressed a sense of relief. 

Getting to the other side of the unknown tends to bring relief. My anxiety over travel will diminish when we get to our destination. 

What unknown element do you fear, and how will you tackle? 

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