Choosing our luxury wisely.

My husband wants to keep the heat at 63 degrees this winter, instead of hovering around 55 (at least when we are not around) as we commonly do. Gulp! Is it time to make this leap? To use these resources – both financial and power (fortunately hydro here)?

As we consider this boost to our standard of living, I’m reminded of a story shared in The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. He shares the story of an extremely wealthy man who didn’t want his wife to buy the fancier-more expensive-toilet paper. Gay pointed out just how much toilet paper they would have to buy to be equivalent to what they made in a single day (it was a lot). They clearly could afford the fancier tp that brought his wife much joy, but the husband was stuck in a conservation mentality. That thinking may have been responsible for the wealth he now had, but what’s the point if you aren’t spending it in the right ways that bring joy to your day to day life?

It is unwise for anyone, regardless of wealth, to spend blindly. We can so easily get caught up in following others – purchasing the best new things – that then do not get used – and never bring us joy. However, it is equally unwise not to use your resources to allow those luxuries that make living better.

Our freezing home is our toilet paper. What’s your toilet paper story, and what are you ready to change?

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