Using our strengths and delegating where we are weak.

The beauty of being a business owner is that I can identify areas where I am weak, and I can (oftentimes) find people or technology to take on those tasks and do a far better job. Sure, there are some things that I must just suck it up and do, but I think generally fewer things than we might immediately think.

If you are an employee, it is still worth considering this. You may be scared to recognize your weaknesses out of fear of being let go. But any good manager would be wise to assign to your strengths, and find others to fill in where you are weak. Again, we are all going to have to do things we don’t want to do, but there may be good big-picture changes to make in any organization.

How do you figure out where you are strong and weak?

Generally the answer lies in what you like to do! It’s that simple.

What tasks do you perform in your work where time just seems to fly by? Similarly, are there things that you find really easy that others seem to struggle with? Or something that people compliment you on and you think “oh, that – that’s no big deal”. These moments are hard to recognize because we find these things ‘so easy’, but it would be wise to keep track of these moments. These are our superpowers.

And for weaknesses…it is just the opposite. What do you delay doing? Where do you struggle?

Surely there are going to be things we love to do and still suck at….but simply thinking about what you like to do and what you don’t may lead to insight.

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