Taking credit for our choices.

Someone complimented me on my website.

“Well…I shouldn’t take credit for it, most of it is material from…” I said, unable to finish my sentence.

The someone pointed out that it doesn’t matter who wrote it or where it came from (as long as I have permission to use it). I found/paid for/or created the content. It has my name on it. I had a role to play.

And I realize that it’s true.

When someone visits our home and compliments us on it, we don’t say “Oh, well, I didn’t actually build it.” But just because we didn’t build it, doesn’t mean we don’t get credit for finding it, buying it, and decorating it (or hiring someone to assist in decorating and cleaning it).

We are in the drivers seat of our lives and this comes with both a huge responsibility, and permission to take credit for our choices.

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