Finding Joy.

As we get ready to move into a new calendar year, it occurs to me how 2020 has taught me to find joy and enjoy things I might have not relished in previously.

We bought the dogs an advent calendar filled with dog treats. Ridiculous. And yet, it has been fun each night to open up the new days treats and give them to the dogs at a time when normally they would not get a treat (I am fairly strict that they only get a treat when we leave the house, which has been greatly reduced this year!) I have found tremendous joy in this bit of whimsy for the month of December and used the fact it’s 2020 as my excuse to indulge.

This is a clear example, but one of many. I have eaten foods that I shunned for ages, discovering how much I deeply appreciate them and would prefer to indulge occasionally as part of my rich life rather than banish them from my life (my homemade tiramisu for example). I have enjoyed hours doing nothing but a puzzle.

What whimsical or other joys have you found that you can appreciate now within the context of the excuse that is 2020? How can we carry these enjoyments beyond with us into our futures?

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