Time vs. efficiency.

As an attorney, we are required to take a certain number of hours continuing education per year, as is standard among many professions.

What’s more, all that counts is hours. Not the quantity. Not the relevance to my field.

I spend time every week on continuing education that is important for the work I do. It’s often not official and I’m not getting credit for it. Some is by video. But I play it on anywhere from 1.25 to 2X the speed depending on the presenter and the density of the topic. Am I getting less out of it by speeding up, or more? I would argue I get more out of it, so long as I’m paying attention. And I can slow it down when needed, for me, based on my current understanding and goals.

I get that time is enforceable. Value is not.

It is easy to focus on time. I worked for 8 hours today! I worked for 15 hours today! Aren’t I great?

But what value are you getting from your time? If you have the luxury of measuring something other than time, maybe it is time to change your focus?

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