I bought a Theragun. Probably because I was swayed by an advertisement on a podcast. But I was hoping it would help with my plantar fasciitis. (I don’t fully understand the science of plantar fasciitis but it results in sharp pain under one heel, particularly after I exercise, then sit, and when I stand again or wake in the morning. And I’m self-diagnosed, but it seems quite consistent with the Google info).

I tried it out.

It didn’t help.

By “try it out”, I mean that I used it for the suggested amount of time one day. Then maybe another weeks later. That was it.

A couple of months later, the pain was worse leaving me more desperate. Wanting to avoid the time and expense of finding a physical therapist (which likely means first establishing a relationship with a general practitioner, which I do not currently have, to refer me), I started being more proactive with self-care. I started using the theragun daily.

And what do you know? It actually started to help. One day in the first couple of months of use, I didn’t do it. The next day, I was worse.

I’m not convinced this tool is amazing, nor the best on the market. But it does point out the value of doing something consistently. It is entirely differently than doing it once. Or once in awhile.

What practice have you tried that you didn’t quite give enough of a chance? What could you commit to for a set period of time to find out if it really works?

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