Couples Pro-Tip #88.

My husband and I recently figured out that we could share a page in our notes App with eachother.

This means that whenever either of us updates the document, the other can see it.

We use this for our grocery list. That way, if one of us stops by the store, we can see what the other person has added to our list – making the other spouse very happy to not have to go to the store him or herself, and saving the time calling to find out if the other wants anything.

It also automatically updates, so that when shopping, we cross things off the list, allowing us to continue using the same document.

I’m sure this has other uses as well, and many couples have probably already figured it out – we are probably late to the party. But if not, I recommend you look into it.

We are using Google Keep, but I am sure there are a host of apps and document sharing services that can be used.

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