Saying No.

How do we decide that we need to protect our time and say no to something?

If we say no all the time, then what are we left with? What if we want to participate as a volunteer, or to get more business – things that we want to say yes to. But if we say ‘yes’ too often then we might get worn too thin, and if we say ‘no’ too often then we may become isolated.

I don’t have a good answer, but perhaps a good guide is to say yes when you want more opportunities, but to then recognize when your cup is full. At some point we can take on no more, at which time we are doing a service to others by saying no.

Over time we will refine our ability to say no, and if we reach a certain point, then maybe we can do what I have heard recommended – saying yes only if it is a full body and soul ‘hell yes!!’

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