What would this look like if it were easy?

This is a question I have heard used in different contexts as we figure out how to do something we are working towards.

I think it’s a great one, as I think we often make things difficult for ourselves.

I decided recently that I am going to start a podcast. Then I realized that I needed to figure out the technical side. Then I realized that there is a lot there. When I asked someone what they are using, she told me about a company that does the production and advertising for her for a set monthly fee.

I watched myself spinning. But I was doing this on my own. But I don’t have the time to learn it. And, while there are easy production options, if I do it I want to do it right. So now what? What other options are there?

Yes, sometimes we should explore options before we choose. Sometimes research is good.

And sometimes the solution presents itself to us, and the easy (and maybe wise) thing is to just say yes. Thank you. Let’s try this out. And if it doesn’t work, I can try something else.

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